1 thought on “Forget Happily Ever After

  1. sharyn256 Post author

    I have been diagnosed as having stage ll breast cancer. It is in my left breast.
    Chemotherapy begins August 17,2017. Then in 3 weeks I go back for another few hours of medicines flowing into my body through an IV hookup(called a ‘port’) in my chest.

    I have been successful in NOT calling it ‘poison ‘.

    Today I returned from a week in Girard, PA. I stayed with my Dad and Susan, his wonderful wife, whom I sometimes lovingly refer to as my “bonus Mom “. My daughter, Mychele, and her husband, Kip drove in from Michigan for a long weekend to spend time with me. My sister,Lori, ( Cincinnati, OH) and brother, Dave along with his wife, Bonnie,(Oklahoma) arrived the day before Mychele left. Eric, our brother who lives close to our Dad was able to get together with us for several events,and lots of laughter as well.

    It was great to be able to spend time with everyone before I begin chemotherapy.



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